Calling All Angels to Support Covenant House Michigan with “Gaming To Give” Fundraiser

A Detroit-based shelter for homeless, runaway and at-risk youth will get a boost this fall from Calling All Angels, a committee of local women passionate about ending the cycle of child abuse in Metro Detroit.

Calling All Angels (CAA) will host its seventh annual fundraising event Nov. 2 at San Marino Club in Troy, with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting Covenant House Michigan.

“Although our foster care system was originally designed to provide temporary emergency guardianship, more and more children enter it as infants or youngsters and remain until they reach adulthood,” said Laura Bostick, CAA co-creator.

“Thousands of children age out of the foster care system each year at age 18. We are honored to assist Covenant House Michigan this year in supporting youth who are homeless and in need of shelter and guidance.”

When kids end up on the streets they face unsanitary living conditions, exposure to extreme weather conditions, violence, drugs and sexual abuse. They lack basic necessities such as food, clothing and medical and mental care. These experiences traumatize them further and put them at risk for illness, pregnancy, violence and even death.
To combat this epidemic, CHM’s Outreach Team patrols the streets of Metro Detroit daily. They find kids living in abandoned houses, cars and on street corners, among other unfit places. The Team provides these youth with prevention services, information about CHM’s residential, education and job programs, counseling, food and clean clothes.

Street Outreach helps approximately 500 youth every month

Van operates 7 days/evenings

Provides on-the-spot assistance and referrals

We need to make Detroit a better place. These kids were “Made in Detroit”, “Made in Michigan” they deserve the same respect as the cars made here, the food, the products, etc. Who is advertising and putting the word out on the kids behalf? We have to get the homeless kids off the street and give them the hope, love and opportunity they deserve.

If you want to stop the killing, put an end to crime then save the kids. If we don’t, some of these kids will live out there long enough, they will do anything to survive. They will deal drugs, prostitute themselves, end up in jail and a good number of them will die alone on the streets.  There is so much media attention on abandoned homes in Detroit. What about the abandoned homeless kids?

On Friday November 2nd at San Marino Club in Troy we will be holding our 7th annual Calling All Angels for Covenant House Michigan Event. We would love your support in any way to continue in our efforts to save the kids and help save Detroit.

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