Current Exhibition | Detroit Artists Market

Extended Limb, curated by Detroit-based trans-media artist Holliday Martindale, delves into symbiotic relationships between art and contemporary technology. The participating artists use technology as an extension of themselves and/or as a medium. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, NFTs, the future of art and machine-aided work are all included in the discussion.

Participating Artists:

Onyx Ashanti, Katie Craig, Mother Cyborg, Poppy DeltaDawn, Jessica Dolence, Jeffrey Evergreen, Clare Gatto, Julian J. Jones, matt lambert, Ian Moone, Michael Nagara, Merel Noorlander, Nicole Pyles, Andromeda Schmidt, Todd Stovall, Cedric Tai, Reuben Telushkin, Ara Thorose

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Source: Current Exhibition | Detroit Artists Market

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