Deer walks through Best Buy store in Novi

A deer took shopping to a whole new level Wednesday, Oct. 10, when it wandered through the front door at Best Buy in Novi.

“It seems like a lot of people couldn’t believe it,” said Erin Ellison, an employee team leader who stood 5 feet from the animal as it walked into the store on Haggerty near Eight Mile at approximately 12:30 p.m. She said a co-worker described it as a six-point buck.

“We wear head sets and one employee on the head set said, ‘there’s a deer in the store.’ One of our managers was thinking that was a code word for something and then it went by and we said, ‘oh no, it’s an actual deer.’”

Ellison said the buck veered to the left, headed toward the customer service area, and ended up in the appliance department at the back of the store where it knocked over a boxed vacuum. She said it likely was frightened but “didn’t really run,” as it moved toward the exit.

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Source: Deer walks through Best Buy store in Novi

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