Detroit Crime Fiction: A Literary Tradition Like No Other 

I dare to suggest that Detroit has a bit of an image problem these days. But I’m an outsider, so what do I know? Here’s Michigander author Stephen Mack Jones’s character August Snow, a man very dedicated to Detroit, a true son of the Motor City, returning to his hometown after a couple of years of self-imposed exile:

‘So I returned to a city where happiness is usually a matter of finding contentment in an acceptable level of intangible fear, unfocused loathing and unexplainable ennui.’

August Snow is a denizen of Mexicantown, in southwest Detroit, but finds himself trawling throughout the city, the barely inhabited former industrial wastelands to the luxury mansions of Grosse Point. The August Snow series now has three novels – August Snow (2017), Lives Laid Away (2019) and, most recently, Dead of Winter (2021). August was a Detroit cop faced with everyday corruption throughout the force and the local political system. He took on the city and got himself a sweet US$12 million wrongful dismissal settlement, which is enough to get the hell out of Dodge and put your feet up somewhere where it’s warm all year round. Instead he can’t help getting involved in other people’s business while also put those millions to some good work in the community.

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