Detroit finds grammar answers, advice behind tiny table

Last September, Ellen Jovin started setting up a folding table and chair on the sidewalk in front of her Manhattan apartment.

She’d sit and wait for people to approach her as they walked out of their subway stop, hoping they had questions about her greatest passion: grammar.

Jovin operates Grammar Table, a grammar advice and answers station that hit Detroit this week as part of a nationwide road trip. There’s an art to language that Jovin is hoping to bring to cities everywhere.

“This may say ‘Grammar Table,’ but for me this is like dancing along with language, playing with it,” Jovin said. “It’s (the) joy of language — it’s not “you’ve got to do this or it’s wrong!”

Thursday, Jovin and her husband Brandt Johnson carried the Grammar Table, along with an armful of heavy language books and camera equipment, to a downtown street corner.

She sat for more than an hour on the sidewalk across from Campus Martius, fielding questions from passerby about the difference between who and whom, or where to use an em dash in a sentence. The night before, she’d set up her table just down the street from the Fox Theater, while the second Democratic debate played out inside.

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Source: Detroit finds grammar answers, advice behind tiny table

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