Four Detroit charter schools get $3.5M to go from ‘good to great’

A $3.5 million pilot program that infuses cash into four non-profit charter schools is paying for teacher retention bonuses, new curriculum and building and technology improvements.

The Detroit Children’s Fund, a nonprofit organization in Detroit, launched its School Collaboration Collective program earlier this spring at Escuela Avancemos Academy, Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hope Academy and Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.

Jack Elsey, executive director of Detroit Children’s Fund, said the program was created to address systemic issues in Detroit education at the school building level.

Selected schools were required to show some indicators of success and have a strong belief that all children can succeed, said Elsey who gathered charter school officials Monday in Detroit to provide an update on the program and its investments.

“(The program) is a deep commitment to four nonprofit charter schools in Detroit to give them the time, the resources, the coaching and development and the long-term commitment that they need in order to go from good to great,” Elsey said.

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Source: Four Detroit charter schools get $3.5M to go from ‘good to great’

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