JCC Gallery Seeks Artists For ‘100 Journal’ Project

A doodle. A flight of color. A beautiful word.
A moment of mystery and magic.

The Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit’s Janice Charach Gallery is initiating an extraordinary new program for anyone who has ever dreamed of making his/her mark on the world.

“The 100 Journal Project” is open to everyone – in the world.

It begins with a blank journal, provided by the gallery. The first person to receive the journal chooses the theme and the rules (or lack of rules), which must be followed by everyone who participates. (Each journal has its own first artist and hence, its own rules.)

The first artist also may design the cover and, if he/she chooses, the first page. This person must make certain the journal continues to its destiny: artist #2.

The second artist may complete one or two pages of the journal (each page is 8x8x10) and must send the journal to the next artist within four weeks. This continues, traveling from artist to artist,  until the book is complete. (There will be a maximum of 10 artists per book.)

Anyone is an artist and there is only one rule: follow the guidelines established by the first artist! (Also, please note that because a number of journals already have been set aside specifically for children, participants are asked not to invite anyone younger than 18 to design a page.)

Artists may send the journal as far as to friends in foreign countries – or pass them on to family members and neighbors.

All journals must be returned to the gallery by October 15 for an exhibit next November. The journals will be sold, with proceeds benefitting the gallery and a charity chosen by the last artist who returns a journal.

For information about receiving a journal, please contact the Janice Charach Gallery:gallery@jccdet.org.  Or join the Gallery’s 100 Journal page on Facebook and wait to see when someone posts a request for an artist to help work on a journal. For information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/285877951476482/.

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