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On May 1, 2010, Michigan implemented a smoking ban in bars, restaurants and workplaces, taking a defining step toward making it a healthier state. This may be a celebratory time for the nearly 8 million nonsmokers in Michigan; however, more than 20 percent of Michiganders smoke. The bans present an opportunity for smokers in Michigan to join forces with family, friends, doctors and community to create a successful quit plan – taking a pledge to quit smoking and getting pointed toward the right resources can certainly help them meet the challenge.

Now that the smoking ban has taken effect, Michiganders can quit together and be part of something greater. Smokers can make their pledge to compete in a city-by-city competition and learn about making a quit plan at LetsQuitTogetherNow.com. The competition pits six regions from around the state – Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Lansing and the U.P. – against each other to help strive toward a healthier Michigan. The site also gives family and friends of smokers the opportunity to join in the effort and make a pledge to support a loved one’s quit attempt. With only a few days left to join in the challenge, the time to represent your hometown is now.

We know that smokers throughout the Great Lakes State can benefit from support to help make their next quit attempt a successful one. Let’s Quit Together Now provides smokers with information to help them talk to their health care providers about quitting smoking, and to let them know they can also seek support from loved ones and online or local support groups. Campaign information will encourage smokers and their friends and family to visit www.LetsQuitTogetherNow.com, where they can learn more about making a plan to quit smoking.


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