Marrow’s Secret Sandwiches Beat All Other Lunch Options 

It’s mystery meat in the best possible way. At Marrow in Detroit, a butcher shop by day, restaurant by night, butcher Nicholas Ponte and his team sell low-key sandwiches for lunch—first come, first get. And they only make 10 a day! They’re not advertised on any menu or blasted on social media. Instead, you can find them wrapped in butcher paper around noon, tucked into a refrigerated case to the left of the bar, by the pâtés and fancy butters and cans of pop. They use whatever they need to move: smoked ham, housemade mortadella and salami, roast beef, spicy pickle-y condiments, and anything else that’ll minimize the restaurant’s food waste. (They also make a few vegetarian sandwiches, which might have marinated tempeh, kimchi, green onions, and sunflower butter.

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Source: Marrow’s Secret Sandwiches Beat All Other Lunch Options | Bon Appétit

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