MoGo Detroit bike share adds 50 e-bikes to fleet

MoGo, Detroit’s bike ride-share system, announced that it will be adding 50 electric bikes, or e-bikes, to its fleet. The new “Boost” bikes, which are painted jet black, are interchangeable with the other 430 bikes in the system. Users can rent or return them to any of the 44 stations within the city of Detroit.

E-bikes use an electric motor to determine how much “boost” is needed based on the amount of power being generated by the rider. MoGo’s e-bikes can reach a maximum speed of 15 mph.

Boost bikes are intended for those who may have difficulty with standard bikes, like older riders, or those with longer rides.

“Our mission is to serve a wide range of people and needs through bike share,” said Lisa Nuszkowski, founder and executive director of MoGo, in a release.

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Source: MoGo Detroit bike share adds 50 e-bikes to fleet – Curbed Detroit

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