Muriel Jacobs “Threads of a Life – My Story” Exhibit Features Fiber Arts at Costick Center Gallery thru Sept. 6

The exhibit entitled “Threads of a Life – My Story” will showcase the fiber arts of
Muriel Jacobs through September 6 at the City Gallery located inside the Costick
Center lobby at 28600 Eleven Mile Road. The City Gallery is open to the public
Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. and on Wednesdays until
7 p.m.
Muriel Jacobs has been actively involved as a fiber artist since the 1950s, but this
is her first solo show. Quilts, framed fiber compilations, jewelry, and handmade
purses tell her story.  A native Detroiter and a graduate of Wayne State University,
Muriel Jacobs has shown her work throughout Michigan in juried shows, galleries,
and boutiques.
All of Muriel’s designs are hand sewn and completely original.  Her background as
an artist and her love of colors and textures are demonstrated throughout her
work.  Because she uses no commercial patterns, she takes an original approach to
each piece and frequently incorporates vintage materials such as neckties, beads,
and buttons.
“I worked in many different mediums, but when I discovered fibers and jewelry, I
never looked back,” Jacobs said.”Embroidery, crewel work, and needlepoint were
fascinating to me, and from there I went into fabric manipulations, crazy quilting,
beadwork, Brazilian embroidery, and other forms of needlework.”
Still active into her 80’s, Muriel lives in Farmington Hills and stays busy creating
boutonnieres, bracelets, purses, and quilts that are sold in local stores. To
budding artists, she recommends joining groups like The Needle and Textile Guild
of Michigan, which brings together members who share, teach, and highlight a
wide variety of the fiber arts.
City Gallery exhibits are presented by the Farmington Hills Cultural Arts Division,
which coordinates the City’s art, theater, and music programming.

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