A Sunny Thing Did Not Happen on the Way to the Forum

Theresa, my sister Kathy and I had the fun of getting to the opening performance of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum on Friday Night, June 1. It was questionable whether/weather the outdoor performance would continue with a few sprinkles in a bit of a cold night. I have to hand it to many of the ill clad cast members! They superbly performed this wonderful musical in the beautiful, but chilly setting of the Cranbrook Greek Theatre built in 1916.  (It also rained for the opening night of the outdoor theatre in 1916 soaking the local luminaries, including Henry Ford.)
Funny Thing
The cast last Friday was a big one and again, I say, they and the musicians were real troopers throughout the stage performance. We in the audience brought blankets and were able to stay somewhat cozy while watching this very fun performance. St. Dunstons Theatre Guild delivers fun entertainment “weather” inside or outside. When in Rome they do as the Romans did; so Friends, Romans and Countrymen sit down and enjoy, Puritans may want to cover theirs ears or eyes a time or to, as the dancing girls get going.

It’s a very funny show, the music was excellent both instrumental and vocal. The show is running for the next couple weekends – June 8 and 9 and 15 and 16. I would wager it can only get warmer in the way of climate. This would be a great show to add to your summer schedule – and also do a bit of “Rome-ing” around the the grounds and this historic theatre set in that English landscape in Oakland County. I would highly recommend the SHOW. – Richard Dalton

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