Open Co. Detroit – This Week

The best way to experience and learn about the innovation economy isn’t in a stuffy board room – it is up close and personal and in its native habitat. Experienced marketers and conference organizers Brian Monahan and John Battelle would like your support for a new type of business conference called OpenCo, which we like to think of as a mix between a business conference and artist’s open studio with the vibe of a music festival. With your help, more than 60 of the most innovative businesses in Detroit will open their doors to the public on Sept 12.

This festival of innovation will celebrate companies that embrace a set of values surrounding the concept of openness: open collaboration, open communication, open community, open company and open doors to you. Attendees will meet these innovators in their native habitat and hear from the founders and executives about how they are trying to change the world and why. They will inspire you and help you make new connections, whether you are a job seeker, investor or simply a curious neighbor.

Please help us support some of Detroit’s most exciting and dynamic companies… We hope that you will help us launch the first-ever, two-day OpenCo in Detroit. We’re expanding everything – the technology platform, the video coverage, the staffing, and the services we provide to HostCos and partners. We are increasing onsite video coverage so that these exciting stories remain told throughout the year and to audiences far and wide.

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