Peek Inside Downtown Detroit’s New Food Hall

 Downtown Detroit diners will soon be able to snack on barbecue, sandwiches, and sushi all under one roof.  Anticipated new food hall Fort Street Galley confirmed that the doors opened on Friday, December 7 in the Federal Reserve building at 160 W. Fort Street.

Pittsburgh-based food hall developers Galley Group are behind the new project which features four restaurant stalls and a full bar.

Galley founders Benjamin Mantica and Tyler Benson model their halls after tech incubators. Tested chefs and would-be restaurateurs from across the U.S. are invited to apply to open restaurants in Galley food hall spaces and are selected through a competitive vetting process. This summer, eight finalists pitched their restaurant concepts to local judges that included some faces from food media.

Among the lineup of restaurants look out for Allenby, a Middle Eastern-influenced sandwich shop from Selden Standard alums Michael Goldberg and Katie Nelson.

Filipino-French restaurant Isla from JP Garcia and Jacqueline Diño, Sushi chef Mike Han at Pursue, and the James Beard Award-winning chef, Jimmy Schmidt, and Brian Recor’s Lucky’s Noble BBQ will round out the group.

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