Have You Ever Felt Displaced?

From A Local Author and Friend: Dave Arnold

Pilgrims of the Alley is a book about how to live out an authentic faith in a world where we don’t fit in and often find challenging to live in. It’s a book about hope and learning to see how God is at work in the alleys of life.

We are not called to fit in, to be status quo. We are called to thrive and do extraordinary work for God’s Kingdom.

To do so requires us to be uncomfortable, to get out of the “nest” and allow God to mold us and shape us to change the world.


You’re looking at a book that will move you to feel compassion and motivate you to express the love of God to your corner of the world. Dave Arnold has done an exceptional job of merging personal experience, story, and biblical guidance into the message of this book. It is a message easy to read and hard to forget.
Tim Grisson, author and editor (including the co-author of the best-selling book, Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival)


Drawing from my experience with working with refugees and immigrants, I have divided the book into three sections – three stages – that refugees and immigrants typically experience when they arrive in a new country.

They are:
•    Disorientation: The stage of vulnerability and openness. Disorientation is the place where God works to mold and shape us.
•    Assimilation (what I call Blessing): This is the stage of growth, of learning to adjust to a challenging environment. Blessing is where God takes our lives and uses it to impact others.
•    Longing (what I call Homecoming): This is the stage of remembering, of longing for a Place, for Home. This is the stage of hope: of one day experiencing our long-awaited destination.

Pilgrims of the Alley gives me hope of things to come. Dave writes with a profound purpose and reflects the light of a loving God calling his people home.
– Justin Zoradi, Founder of These Numbers Have Faces & JustinZoradi.com


Who Is This Book For?
This book is for…
•    People who are tired of the status quo, of trying to fit in.
•    People who are willing to take action and learn to give rather than take.
•    People who want to change and grow into the person God wants them to be.
•    People who want to love the poor, the stranger, and the broken of the world.
•    People who are longing for what is to come, for the Place God’s created for us.

Madeleine L’ Engle once wrote:

 “One of the great sorrows which came to human beings when Adam and Eve left the Garden was the loss of memory, memory of all that God’s children are meant to be.”

I hope to recapture some of that memory; to inspire you to see how God works in the ordinary things of life – in the alleys. For it’s in the alleys where we are pushed and stretched and grow the most.

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