Play The Game

It is a cliché, but a truth that if you don’t play the game you can’t win. Winners not only play well and win; they take chances and calculated risks to achieve results.

In the world of sales and business, the unsure, reluctant or lazy are lapped by the fearless hard working competitors that prepare and compete. They are in the arena, on the playing field, in the game and in play.

The funny thing about doing extra, taking chances, being creative and out of the box, is that you don’t often get credit for it. People that place, show or worse tend to explain your success as luck or Divine providence. There is no luck. God gave us all gifts that some of us use to their fullest while others don’t.

The irony in my life is that I did some volunteer work the other day and the guy next to me turned out to be a very important person for my business. We struck up conversation and he invited me to visit him at his office to see if we can do business. I really was reluctant to go to the function and was debating if it was a waste of my time. I went anyway. I was visible, in play and on duty and I got my reward.

Get in the game, play the game, win the game. It’s up to you.



–  Dave Bilbrey  – Master Salesman, Sales Consultant

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