Tens of thousands of area residents expected to participate in the Second Annual Detroit Prayer Walk on April 28

Walk to kick off at Comerica Park at 9 a.m.

Southeastern Michigan residents are coming together once again as one church in the name of Jesus to pray for the region at the second annual Detroit Prayer Walk in downtown Detroit at Comerica Park on Saturday, April 28, starting at 9 a.m.

EACH – Prayer Walk Promo 2012 from E.A.C.H. on Vimeo.

The event is being organized by EACH (Everyone A Chance to Hear) which is a coalition of approximately 560 Christian churches and para-church organizations.

The impact of the EACH movement over the past year has been significant as Christ followers have demonstrated the love of Jesus by serving within their communities. Just to name a few activities, thousands of free meals as well as 3,500 hours of free medical and dental services have been provided and more than 100 homes have been repaired or refurbished for those in need.

Last year an estimated 25,000 followers of Jesus gathered together and prayed as they walked down Woodward Avenue from Comerica Park to the Spirit of Detroit at Jefferson Avenue and back. Jen and Ted Sawdon of Rochester Hills attended last year’s Prayer Walk with their three young children and expressed their excitement at the impact it had. “We wanted our kids to see that there were other followers of Jesus in our area so they would be encouraged in their own faith. They got to see thousands of people coming together to pray for their own communities. The kids keep asking when they can walk and pray again!” This same path will be walked this year to the theme of “One Church – Coming Together with One Purpose.”

EACH was designed to be a one-year initiative, but something special happened, said Pastor Bob Shirock, Senior Pastor of Oak Pointe Church in Novi. “We went from being a group of individual churches to really being one church with one purpose…to share and show the love of Jesus to our communities through prayer, Good News and good deeds. We believe this will continue to make a significant impact in this region over the next 10-20 years.”

As a part of the prayer walk program, a short video clip of Ernie Harwell sharing his faith will be shown next to the ballpark he broadcasted from. “My father had a strong faith in Christ and a great love for the region and the people of Detroit,” said Gray Harwell who filmed the video with his dad just a few months before Ernie passed away.

EACH members will also be volunteering their efforts at a May 19 “Lovin’ the D” Resource Fair at Wayne State University that will include free mobile medical and dental services. More information will follow about this event that will provide attendees assistance with a wide range of needs from personal health to job opportunities.

“This idea of one church coming together is to help support our neighbors, friends, family members and co-workers in the name of Jesus,” said Christopher Brooks, Senior Pastor of Evangel Ministries in Detroit. “We may go to different churches on Sundays, but we are all followers of Jesus who believe that we can make a difference in the lives of people because He has made all the difference in our lives.

PARKING for the April 28 Detroit Prayer Walk

Buses and large vans are welcome and are asked to park on the south side I-75 service drive between Woodward Avenue and Brush just north of Comerica Park. Handicap parking is suggested in the Tigers Parking Deck on Montcalm along the north side of Comerica Park. Bicyclists are also welcome to attend. All bikes can be parked in the “Media Compound Lot”, on Montcalm, across from the media entrance to Comerica Park.

For more information about the second annual Detroit Prayer Walk or to see other upcoming EACH events visit www.eachtoday.com.

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