S’More Sundae: The Return of the Floatable Boatables in Miniature!

August 28, 2011 2:00-4:00

$5 per person
(Family max of $20. Children under 3 free.)

Come join the Friends of Dinosaur Hill for an afternoon of fun, crafts, games, ice cream s’more sundaes and the return of the Floatable Boatables!  Bring your own miniature creek  worthy craft or make one on site from our collection of recycled odds and ends.

Boats should be no more than 15 inches long, 15 inches tall, 15 inches wide, or over 15 pounds. Boats containing more than 15 feet of duct tape will be disqualified. In case of loss or damage, you may wish to insure your craft for a value of no more than $15. We will launch the crafts in thePaint Creek for a non-competitive float through the woods. All boats that crash, sink, get stuck in the bank or grazed on by resident deer will be retrieved with dip nets.

Those lucky boatsthat actually float to the end of the course will be captured by a large volleyball net strung 15 feet across the creek. All boats, sunk, crashed, floating or otherwise will earn a Participant Certificate!

Don’t miss out on this exciting family event! The Rochester community will be talking about it for years to come!  You can register at dinosaurhillfriends.org or by mailing registration fee to:

Friends of Dinosaur Hill,  333 North Hill Circle, Rochester, MI 48307.

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