Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds – The Henry Ford

Set a course for Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation to experience Star Trek™: Exploring New Worlds, a fully immersive, limited-engagement exhibition. Navigate through more than 100 rare artifacts and props, including the original U.S.S. Enterprise navigation console. Beam yourself into the action to re-create memorable scenes with the transporter simulator and the KHAAAN! scream booth.

Star Trek’s themes of optimism, equality, heroism and examination of the human condition have inspired people worldwide to imagine, explore and create for over 50 years. Investigate 22nd- to- 24th-century tricorders and phasers, a Borg cube, starship filming models and more. Get up close to rare costumes, including the Spock tunic worn by Leonard Nimoy, Geordi La Forge’s visor and Seven of Nine’s unitard.

Discover how this pop culture powerhouse grew from a low-budget sci-fi television series to prosper as an iconic franchise, building stories around controversial issues such as war, racism and politics. Uncover the artifacts of a potential future that continue to impact our culture — from arts and technology to fashion and literature — and inspire generations to innovate and push boundaries to the final frontier and beyond.

Exhibition Highlights


  • More than 100 props and artifacts from the six Star Trek television series and many of the films, including an original series tricorder, communicator and phaser, a Borg cube, Klingon disruptor pistol, tribbles and more.
  • Rare costumes, including the Spock tunic worn by Leonard Nimoy, Lt. Uhura’s (Nichelle Nichols) dress, Khan garments past and present such as the open-chest tunic worn by Ricardo Montalban and the costume worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2013 reboot, Captain Picard’s (Patrick Stewart) uniform, a Borg costume, the alien Gorn and more.
  • Transporter simulator in which visitors can create a film that shows them being beamed to another planet.
  • KHAAAN! video booth where visitors can re-create the memorable scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • Spaceship filming models, including the U.S.S. EnterpriseDeep Space 9 space station and more.
  • Original scripts, concept art, storyboards and production drawings.


Star Trek Happy Hour Series

Star Trek Happy Hour Series includes special programming, after-hours access to the exhibit, cash-bar, and more. Find our Happy Hour Dates below:

Source: Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds – The Henry Ford

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