VIDEO: Newt Gingrich at a Mackinac Island Conference

If you live in Michigan, do yourself a favor and watch this video of remarks given by Newt Gingrich at a Mackinac Island conference this past week.  He talks about what our state needs to do transform itself from an economy that’s gasping for breath to support its population to one that can compete with China.

He doesn’t pull any punches and talks about how hard it will be for the state to change.  He says, it begins with a statewide conversation about the future and not the past and he encouraged residents to not be afraid of it.

Watch this before candidates start coming to your door.  Ask them about Gingrich’s main points.

How close is our state to the edge of the economic abyss?  What do you feel it will take to keep it from making a plunge it cannot recover from?

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