Bing Campaigns to Brighten Detroit’s Image

About 50 reporters arrived in Detroit on Monday for a three day conference Mayor Dave Bing is calling “Transform Detroit.” Bing said this morning, via Twitter, that Transform Detroit “is a media briefing that connects reporters with community leaders and positive happenings throughout the city.”

He also tweeted that he hoped he would get some reporters to tell “GOOD stories” after the conference.
The city is trying to put its best foot forward.

Reporters are touring areas where there has been substantial investment, like the central Woodward Avenue Corridor, seeing some of the city’s famed architecture, and also are being introduced to business owners and community leaders from throughout the city.

Changing Gears has been asking people all over the country if they think Detroit’s image has rebounded. Or, if they think the city’s problems are just too big for any makeover to take hold.

You can answer the question here. And, you can send us photos, like reader Howard Duffy did, above. Then, come back later today and read a sample of our first responses.

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