Dearborn Chamber Business Walk-About

Dearborn Chamber partners with City, East and West Downtown Development Groups for Business Walk-About

The first organized business walk for the Dearborn area is scheduled to take place Tuesday, October 18 from 10 am – noon. The Business Walk-About is designed to pinpoint successes and struggles in the community, which then allows business and civic leaders to use that information to help create a more affluent business climate.

The walk will be hosted by the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce and will pair one Chamber member with one City staffer or official. It will focus on several key business districts, including those along Michigan Avenue, Monroe and Warren Avenue. Each pair will visit businesses, request a few minutes with the owner or proprietor and ask three basic questions:

• How is business?

• What do you like about doing business in the area?

• What improvements are needed in the area?

“Walk-About participants are looking to gain valuable feedback on what organizations—small and large— appreciate about doing business in this area,” said Chamber President Jennifer Knott Giering. “We want business owners to know we are interested in issues that impact day-to-day operations.”

Pairs will spend two hours gathering data that will then be compiled and evaluated by both the City and the Chamber.

“We can’t promise any kind of immediate results to issues that business owners may identify on Oct. 18, but this event gives us another opportunity to learn about the experiences of the business community, and help us to continue to respond in a relevant ways” said Barry Murray, the director of the City’s Economic and Community Development Department.

Businesses will be randomly chosen that day based on hours of operation and accessibility. The three question survey will be made available to those unable to take the survey during the designated event. The Chamber hopes to visit at least 100 businesses in the designated time period.

The Dearborn Chamber intends to present its findings at an upcoming City Council meeting. The Chamber provides more than 500 members with the opportunities and resources to engage and network with other businesses, enhancing financial growth, professional development, and the ability to contribute to a thriving community environment.

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