Detroit middle school students head to New York City

Three girls from Noble Elementary Middle School in Detroit are heading to New York City for the Global HerStory Summit. The summit has been an annual event since 2016 to connect girls from all over the world. This year, there are nine countries participating. Three schools from the United States are a part of the summit including Noble Elementary Middle School.”The girls are going to focus on themselves, their community, the world and their future,” said Cynthia Coble, the HerStory Campaign Coordinator for Detroit. She interviewed girls for a spot at the summit and narrowed the list down to 12-year-olds Amaya O’Neal, Alicia Goodman and 13-year old Aniya Spears. “The girls have shown year after year that they are active participants in the community,” Coble said. The girls were asked about their experiences. “We just put out to them basic questions of what problems do you face as a girl in your community,” said Coble.

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