Hantz Woodlands Deal Approved By Detroit City Council 5-4


Dec. 11, 2012

5:01 p.m. –Mayor Bing released the following statement on the Hantz Woodlands deal to The Huffington Post:

“Today’s City Council approval of the sale of city-owned land to Hantz Woodlands is in line with my vision of transforming portions of Detroit by taking vacant, underutilized land and putting it back into productive use. The sale will result in the elimination of blight — debris, illegal dumping, and vacant structures — on a large parcel of east side property. I appreciate the passion and input of all who have been involved in the dialogue and culmination of this deal, particularly our community and City Council.”

UPDATE: 4:55p.m. — Despite strong opposition from a coalition of urban farmers, community activists and local residents, Detroit City Council Tuesday approved the controversial Hantz Woodlands land deal. Under the proposed agreement, the city will sell roughly 140 acres the land to Hantz Woodlands, a division of the Hantz Farms, at slightly over 8 cents per square foot, provided they maintain the land, demolish a number of derelict buildings and plant 15,000 trees. As with the debate surrounding the agreement, the two sides of the issue remain sharply divided in its aftermath.

“We are greatly pleased with today’s decision by the Detroit City Council to approve the development agreement allowing us to contribute to creating more liveable Detroit neighborhoods,” John Hantz, President and CEO of the Hantz Group said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post.

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