Jack’s story from Detroit Church


Check out Jack’s story and see one of our core values at work: belong before you believe.What was your first experience like at Detroit Church? What was life like for you then?I first attended Detroit Church on a whim – I had spent the past several years with Kensington Church, primarily playing music. My faith journey was complicated; I was a musician first, and a church-goer second, if at all. Worshipping gave me an opportunity to regularly challenge and express myself creatively, and I felt as though I was losing that opportunity in previous environments. I craved a fresh start not only musically, but in spiritual discovery. Life had led me to several dead ends in answering the most intimate questions of my soul and I was desperate for any opportunity to lighten my existential burden which was rooted in a questioning of my purpose in the totality of life. My purpose in the present was more mysterious, and its absence was the most debilitating contributor to that feeling of being lost.

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