Dreams Come True at Dutton Farm

This is amazing!!! This picture shows that everyday heroes are among us. We met one today in the form of a waste management driver. Our friend and fellow farmer, Nick, has been waiting since he started with us, over two long months ago, to catch the garbage truck on a day when he is here. He is soooo passionate about garbage trucks it’s almost all he talks about. Chris, our incredible waste management worker took the time to make Nick’s dream come true and even invited him to even sit in his seat. His excitement and passion for garbage is truly priceless. Thank you Chris and Advanced Disposal for making dreams come true at Dutton Farm!! Please share to help show our appreciation!


We are a non-profit organization in Oakland County that serves individuals with mental, physical and emotional impairments. Staff are friends (no really) and work is meaningful. Our purpose is to positively impact the lives of our participants through partnership, dignity and contentment. We provide an array of activities that foster self-belief and satisfaction. Our Community Integration Program and also our Thrifts & Gifts Store offer employment opportunities to people of all abilities. Here on the farm, we believe in the
endless potential and worth of every human being and their ability to lead productive and fulfilling lives.  Our mission at Dutton Farm is better accomplished when there are willing volunteers from our community who are eager to help. We are confident that you will find volunteering here on the Farm will prove to be just as fulfilling for you as it will be for our participants.

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