Eric Metaxas – Video of the National Prayer Breakfast

This is a note from my friend Kenneth recommending you listen to a talk from his friend Eric speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast with the President and First Lady and others in Washington D.C. this week. 

My heart is full from the clarity, charity, wisdom, and vitality of the powerfully expressed faith of my brother in Christ, Eric Metaxas.  Here Eric addresses the  National Prayer Breakfast:

I don’t normally grab folks by the collar and ask that they drop everything and listen to something but that is what I’m about to do.  This is speaking truth to power with humility, humor, intelligence, and tactful ferocity.  Pitch perfect and effective.  It had to have had an impact.  I pray that it does.

Speaker Pelosi. Vice President Biden. President Obama. All Christians. All on stage, attending to a man of courageous, edgy love for Jesus and for ALL PERSONS, born and unborn. A man in a pinstripe suit with a polka dot tie. Classic.    Rev. Kenneth Tanner  –  Pastor of Church of the Holy Redeemer

Again, please watch this video for Eric’s remarks:
( I recommend switching this video to full screen – GREAT MESSAGE ) 

In his talk, Eric referred to his dream and conversion – he shares it in this video – checkout the wonderful testimony and artwork :

NBP: Eric Metaxas from Redeemer Video on Vimeo.

Eric’s Website


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