Family Memories – Manger Seen in Rochester


Jesus in the Center…Seeing this family manger scene brings back memories of our children choosing just the right next addition to the group. One year (when we secretly planned on getting a dog shortly after Christmas), a dog figurine was carefully wrapped by the parents, and then unwrapped by gleeful children, as they realized it symbolized the let down of our parental resistance to getting a dog for a pet!

But, Jesus in the Center most of all reminds me of the complete and vital place He has taken in my life and being, as we once again, in this Advent season, prepare to welcome the Christ Child. No, I am not worthy, nor ever can be, but Jesus in the center of my life is purely the Love of God manifest, the Mercy of God incarnate…foreshadowing the ultimate sacrifice this God/Manchild will give, His life for the life of the world. Hallelujah!

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