Handyman Ministries partners with Arise Detroit! to launch the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

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Joining together to renovate Detroit one block at a time

The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative will be launched on the 400 block of Tennessee, Detroit Mi. 48215 near Conner and Jefferson. Starting Saturday August 6 through Sunday August 14, 2011 we will be improving and renovating every home on this entire city block.

Handyman Ministries will work alongside the citizens of Detroit and volunteers from the EACH (Everyone A Chance to Hear) outreach network to repair the homes to ensure that they are safe, healthy and habitable. Additionally, volunteers will work to beautify the homes’ exteriors and yards with new paint, landscaping, flowers, trees, garbage clean up and exterior home repairs.

Homeowners who are physically capable to work with the volunteers will assist with home repairs at their own home as well as two of their neighbor’s houses. Volunteers, homeowners and neighbors alike will gather together for lunch and share in prayer and community bonding.

Our hope is to get the neighbors working together as a geographical family focused on their collective needs and neighborhood improvements in order to instill a renewed sense of mutual respect and pride in each other and their community. We wish to empower the citizens to continue to work independently on their own to continue to maintain and improve their homes and neighborhood.

Please sign-up to volunteer by e-mailing us at Info@handymanministries.com or call Tim Addy at (586) 443-6140. We are also in extreme need of financial support in order to complete this initiative. All donations are tax deductable and 100% of funds are used to buy building materials. Any amount of contributions will be directly responsible for the success of this initiative and all support goes directly to helping those in need.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this worthy cause by going onto www.handymanministries.com and click
the donate link

or by mail: (checks payable to)

Handyman Ministries at
15215 Mack Ave.
Detroit Mi. 48224.

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