If This Building Could Talk It Would Ask What Did I Do To Deserve This Fate…

The most historically significant building that you may ever find in this condition, this is the abandoned Packard plant in Detroit. Built in 1907 and covering 4.5 million square feet at it’s peak, this building was not the victim of a terrorist act, bombing it received during a war, earthquake, hurricane, or any other natural catastrophe. It’s own citizens did this. Whether they were bored, or trying to get rid of it, most of the damage has been done in the last 3 years ( even though it has primarily been abandoned since 1957 ). The first building in the world to use reinforced concrete, Albert Kahn set the standard that all factories would follow after this one, helping the industrial age take a giant leap. I used to think there was a chance to save this one, especially due to it’s historical significance. I don’t believe it can be renovated any longer though, parts of it are collapsing due to water damage, etc. and the cost would be astronomical to renovate.

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