Local Singer Songwriter’s Page Gets Widespread Attention


After meeting Sarah, one would think right away quiet, humble and friendly. And yet, from around the world, hundreds of comments are now pouring onto Sarah Dalton’s page. Why? What makes this Rochester MI born girl stand out? There is actually A lot on and off stage.

As a singer, she has a naturally lower tone than most female artists, she can both pick and strum her guitar, as well as, play a Djembe very powerfully. She can also sing in two languages (two songs), has hosted three fundraisers for an international humanitarians non-profit organization, has written well over 100 hundred songs, and has stories to go with every one of them. Not to mention, many of the songs Sarah cover, she makes her own resulting in fresh new depth of sound!

As to her character, Sarah is a disarming, big-hearted person, who always smiles, and works at encouraging others. It is no surprise that her talent and personality has won over audiences all over Michigan and beyond. Look for Sarah Dalton to turn a lot more heads in 2016. www.sarahdalton.com

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