Michigan LEGO Train Club at Ann Arbor Train Show, Saline Michigan, February 20, 2011

The Michigan LEGO Train Club put up a 20×17.5 foot LEGO Town and Train layout at the Ann Arbor Train Show held in Saline, Michigan on February 20, 2011. The display included LEGO creations by several members of MichLTC (including me). The show was well attended until later in the day when a snowstorm hit the area.

My Detroit skyscrapers: Ford and David Stott Buildings. Although my David Stott Building model is about five years old, this is the first display of it since I replaced the lowest band of “tera cotta” ornament with the new LEGO “dark tan” color parts to better approximate the real buildings design in which each band of tera cotta becomes lighter as one approaches the top of the building.

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