Mike’s Story: A life transformed at LifeCare

“When I think about LifeCare, which I often do, two words always come to mind: LIFE CHANGE, because that’s exactly what has happened to me and what I’ve witnessed since I started coming.  My struggles with alcohol, self-esteem, and significance were far greater than I had ever realized. I had tried to change myself and also had been through ‘programs’ with behavioral changing dos and don’ts that read like a long boring shopping list.

“It wasn’t until LifeCare that I understood the value of who I really was in Christ and about the value of the renewing of the mind. I was also surrounded by real people with real problems who needed a real (workable) solution. They really have been where you are and understand the strength of life-on-life support. I now am involved in several aspects of LifeCare, including leading groups, teaching classes, as well as the praise band.

Every organization experiences the trickle down effect, either for good or bad. Under the leadership of Lillian Easterly-Smith the trickle down effect speaks for itself by the hundreds of life change stories that unfold one by one each week. LifeCare is true care that honors God and loves people.”
-Mike, LifeCare volunteer and group leader

LifeCare takes a whole person approach to caring for individuals. LifeCare offers many opportunities for growth, transformation, recovery and support, and meets weekly for their main event Thursday evenings 7-9:15pm. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, you can email info.lifecarecc@gmail.com or visit LifeCare’s website at www.lifecarechristiancenter.org.

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