Margaret Mayan Glinke – Artist – Painting of Anne Hathaway’s Home Garden

Margaret Mayan Glinke (“muggs”) was born in Merrill, Michigan and graduated from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids.

Her painting technique consists of an impasto layer of gauze, sand and modeling paste, with layers of transparent acrylic washes. Representational and abstract subjects are executed in a joy-filled expression.

The rapidograph ink drawings are detailed renditions of homes, businesses, churches, carousel animals and Great Lakes lighthouses.

In-stock paintings and prints are available from the artist. Commissions of original paintings and drawings take about four weeks and gift certificates are available if time is short. Brochures and prices are available by mail.

(Above is an acrylic on an impasto (textured) base that I painted from a trip to England many years ago. I have given it to my granddaughter and her new husband because she was with me.)

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