Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World – new book – Internet Communications Made Soooo Practical

Michael Hyatt in his new book: Platform, gives us a wonderful a primer on social networking and on-line communications. It’s extremely practical explaining both the Why’s and the How To’s of making your mark on the digital highway. He presents the positives and also some warning signs of counting the cost and looking, before you leap into starting your own blog. He sees the various social network sites as distribution channels and a great opportunity to share yourself and work with a growing network of followers and friends.

Micheal Hyatt is a Christian Leader, Publisher, Deacon, Blogger, Tweeter that I have on my “follow” list and have always enjoyed his blog posts. In this marvelous book, he gets into great detail sharing from his own successes and failures on the World Wide Web. He considers his self hosted blog with his domain name: to be foundational. The book contains how and why setting up your own blog or website as the place to start for most people, businesses and organizations.

This book was a great confirmation for the value of our Metro Blog at for better community communications. Developing an audience, creating a useful and viable platform is no simple task, although I think this book is a great guide to do it. Working together, we can get our stories out to a wider and wider metro audience. It’s a love your neighbor thing.

If online communication is important to you this is most likely the book you will want to have. I don’t think anyone has presented such a treasure full of proven tried and true insights in book form. He gathers up the fragments of the “best practices” you could find on the web from various “Web Gurus” and puts it all in orderly and easy to understand book. Anyone serious about blogging, social networking and reaching out through the web should absolutely get hold of this book.  –  Richard Dalton


Platform by Michael Hyatt


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