Rebuilding the Carpenter’s Home


Mark and Karen Carpenter were married in 1983. Their middle daughter, Sharon Kay passed away in 2007 of heart failure at the age of 23.  Sharon Kay left a daughter, whom Mark and Karen have been raising since her death. They also have five other grandchildren, who for various reasons, were heading towards foster care.  Mark and Karen have been fighting hard to keep their grandchildren together and are currently raising all of them.

At this time, Mark, Karen and the grandchildren, live in a mobile home that was built in 1964.  The home is unsafe, unhealthy and non-functional.  This 400 square foot trailer is in great need of repair and more square footage.  Mark and Karen’s limiting physical disabilities have made it difficult to keep up on home maintenance. The added expense of caring for their grandchildren has put a large burden on the Carpenters. Their limited income makes it a challenge to keep everyone fed and clothed let alone fix up their home. Unless the trailer is remodeled and brought into the State’s requirements the grandchildren will be split up and placed into foster care.

The Carpenters’ greatest assets are their love for people and their servant hearts; especially towards the less fortunate.  They are always looking for ways to serve and give back. They have been known to give away their food even when they hardly had enough for themselves.  Now is the time for the church to step forward and bless them and save their family from being divided.

Handyman Ministries along with your help plans to repair all structural issues, remodel the whole mobile home and add 250 square feet of bedrooms for the children.

The project will begin the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, November 29th.   Our hope and goal is to and have the family in by Friday December 23, just in time for Christmas but we need your help!

To sign up to volunteer please call Tim Addy at (586) 443-6140 or by e-mail at

We are also in great need of financial support.  Please donate towards this great cause at or by mail to:

15215 Mack Avenue

Detroit, MI 48224

Please make checks payable to: Handyman Ministries.

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