We Built This City

We Built This City, originally uploaded by DetroitDerek Photography.

The automobile has had a great impact on this city, as have the people who built the cars. While the number of car sales continued to increase steadily throughout the 20th Century, the number of vehicles coming out of Detroit decreased. There have always been inventions and innovations regarding the automobile, but that cannot always be said for the factories that these vehicles are created in. Plenty of historic factories in the area no longer exist, or if they do they are no longer used for the same purpose they were originally built for. They have been left as a reminder of an earlier “romantic” time , but truth be told the safety of the workers was not as big of a concern in the past as it is now. It’s interesting to think back to the “good old days”, I had a chance to speak to a few former Packard, Chrysler, and Ford workers from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and their memories of the noise, smell, working conditions, etc are not nearly as “romantic” as we might have thought it was. – DetroitDerek

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