TEDxDetroit Presenter Will Smidlein: The Justin Bieber of Geeks

The saying “age is only a number” is definitely one that rings true for Will Smidlein. Will is a 13 year-old entrepreneur from Bloomfield, Michigan, and someone who has been referred to as a boy wonder and child prodigy. Will is a web designer and developer who was the “head honcho” of, NullFear labs, a company that prided itself on making aesthetically pleasing, yet functional websites. Now, a freelance developer, he continues to follow through with his aspiration, “to have every website be eye catching and easy to use.”

At his young age, Will is also a strong believer in following after you dreams and making your ideas a reality, no matter what it takes. Will goes to school, hangs out with friends, does his homework and works as a freelance developer, all in a day’s work.

Will spoke at TEDx Detroit about what it means to be a teen entrepreneur and I think its safe to say that he inspired all of us in one way or another. He realizes that it’s not about hitting certain numbers and meeting strict deadlines, it’s about creating work that’s done well, and producing something you’re proud of. He is someone who gets it, someone who is going for it and pursuing his dreams.

Will inspires people to not let fear get in the way when following your dreams (our dream at Ingenex is to become global Internet Marketing Experts!!). After all, you can never be too old to start living your dreams especially since “45’s the new 30.”


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