Yes, it is hot out there

Yes, it is hot out there, originally uploaded by CityPhotos by Rod.

Horace Rackham Fountain – Detroit Zoo

From 1924 to 1928, Horace Rackham was the first president of the Detroit Zoological Commission, which negotiated with the city for support for the zoo. In 1924, Rackham purchased acres of land in what is now Huntington Woods, Michigan near land owned by the Detroit Zoological Society. Through his friend and Detroit mayor James Couzens, Rackham anonymously promised to donate the land to Detroit if voters would approve financing for the Detroit Zoo. A millage was approved, and Rackham followed through by giving 22 acres (89,000 m2) of his purchase to the Zoo for use as a parking lot; a memorial fountain at the zoo bears his name. The remaining acreage was given to the city of Detroit, explicitly for use as a public golf course. In 1925 the Rackham Golf Course, reportedly the first 18-hole course constructed in Michigan, opened to the public [Wikipedia]

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