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plinko.tmbVacation Hours  We will operate normal hours over the next few weeks; Tues., Thurs. 11-6. Sat. 11-4

Thurs. Jan. 5, 1-5our interactive learning center will be free of charge!  Come build inclined planes with rubber bands and gutter scraps, visit the 6′ Michigan map, play the PVC xylophone and make snowflakes.
Look for specials in the store, too.  Don’t miss it!
Want to help?  Email Stacie or call her at 313-640-4411 x 5.

Last Minute Gifts?  purchase at the store (location) or on our website
Kits for 35, $17.50–good teacher gift or group/family activities
Rudy the Reindeer:  Create the face then use red and green sand to make patterns in his antlers
Stained Glass Tree:  lay the colored cellophane pieces cross the opening, seal and decorate with sand.
Colorful Caterpillar:  build with sticky pieces, create face, antennae and many legs; cover with confetti
Lighthouse:  create contrasting geometric designs in peel and stick vinyl, add the light to the top
All About Me, $3:  26 page journal for doodling, drawing and writing thoughts, dreams, feelings
Think, Create Learn DVD, $10:  5 ideas for groups or families, cost <$5, separate segment for each project
Gift Certificate, any amount 2

Group or hostess gift?  We also have many Martha Stewart Living wood and rubber stamp kits for only $3.
13 stamps, 6 pads; just spritz w/water to refresh–last a LONG time.
ten buck truck

Need something for the person that has everything?  Put their name on the Ten Buck Truck.
A $10 or greater donation gets a name on our walk in cargo van that cruises Metro Detroit
picking up materials and covers the state w/programming.

Can you help?  We need a copy machine
Do you know about a FULLY OPERATING desktop sized copy machine that makes good quality copies?  We need one in the warehouse to make up to 200 copies at a time.  There has to be something cheaper than a laser jet!  Email Peg or call her at 313-640-4411 x 8

New Partnerships
We’re working with the Detroit Public Schools Office of Science to train 90 teachers K-8 in January, then develop new grade specific science kits with their input.  We’ll serve over 6,500 students!  They will in turn help us develop grade specific science kits for K – 8.  Stay tuned–they will be available to all.  If your school or organization is interested, and has some funding, contact Peg and we’ll try to help you get funding for an expanded program.

We’ve invented three new kits for Inside Out Literary Arts.  Their professional writers go into Detroit schools and work with grades 3 – 12.  We’ll assemble mask, robot and insect kits.  Students will create, then write about their project or ideas in whatever way the writer challenges them.

We love to get in on the ground level of an idea and help form it.  Email Peg or call her to brainstorm, 313-640-4411 x 8.

What’s New?
new shipment of tiles, lots of 4″ x 4″ and interesting ones
rip stop or parachute fabric in bright colors
lots of holiday/winter greens, wreaths–a florist donated BIG time
new stickies–interesting shapes + a very thick one

Save the Date  Sat. Feb. 4, 11-4  National Sticky Dot Day
We’re declaring a new holiday!  For the first time ever, we have enough dots to sell them by the pound.  We’ll load the classroom with big boxes–scoop them into bags and weigh them.  There will also be free creative activities using sticky dots and more surprises.

  EASY ways to help Arts & Scraps   
Do you shop online?  Start here and Arts & Scraps gets a percentage from the retailer.
Start with our GoodShop link and go directly to your favorite retailer–Amazon, eBay, Travelocity, all the “big box” stores and more.  They donate a percentage of your sale us!  There’s even a tool bar you can download to remind you–one stop shopping!  This is part of GoodSearch.  Using their Yahoo search engine, every search contributes, also.

Kroger Shoppersregister online once a year and we get a percentage with no more effort on your part.
With 14 participants in our first quarter we raised $41–many thanks!

Wish List
quantities of like-sized paper or plastic bags, logos OK, need not be new, MUST be clean
quantities of like-sized cardboard or plastic boxes, logos OK, need not be new, MUST be clean
33 gal. garbage bags (yes, even we have garbage)
cleaning supplies, brooms any size, can be used
lightweight display system for conferences, events
heavy duty shelving
tape to seal boxes
liquid hand soap

Volunteers Needed
We have worked hard to welcome donations from  individuals, now we need people to help sort them!  Could you drop in for an hour or more on a Tues., Thurs. 11-6 or Sat. 11-4 and help?  It’s interesting and rather addictive–younever know what will arrive.

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