Bridge Named After Hockey Star Connects USA and Canada w/ Video

The Gordie Howe International Bridge, named after famous Canadian hockey player Gordie Howe, is almost finished! Gordie Howe played for the Detroit Red Wings, and the bridge’s design even hints at ice hockey. The legs of the bridge’s towers look like a hockey stick making a slapshot.

So far, 27 pre-made pieces of the bridge, each about 15 meters (50 feet) long and 37.5 meters (123 feet) wide, have been carefully put in place 46 meters (150 feet) above the Detroit River.

The bridge has two huge towers, each 220 meters (721 feet) tall, with 216 cables that stretch out like a fan. These towers help hold up the bridge deck, which arches smoothly over the water and connects to the land on both sides with extra supports.

Even though the main part of the bridge is almost done, there’s still some work left. The cables need to be tightened, and the road, barriers, a path for cyclists and pedestrians, and electrical systems need to be added. The bridge is expected to open to the public in 2025.

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