Daffodils for Dinosaurs!

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Daffodils for Dinosaurs
Spring Brings Thousands of Daffodils to the Greater Rochester Area

“How special it was to have a lovely bouquet of daffodils delivered with my meals on wheels lunch… I was feeling a little down until then… You made my day!

They are so beautiful!” “Spring at last! Love the daffodils.” “You put a smile on my face – and I’m still smiling. Thank you so very much!” (comments from Meals-On-Wheels recipients after receiving their daffodils)

-Older Persons’ Center, Rochester – Residents of the greater Rochester area know spring is finally here when thousands of daffodils arrive, courtesy of Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve! 2011 marks the 21st year of this community-wide sale; bright yellow blooms will arrive on March 25th, 26th, and 27th.
As has been the tradition, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of “daffodil weekend” Dinosaur Hill volunteers will be selling daffodils at several Kroger supermarkets and Papa Joe’s in the Rochester area. Local businesses have the opportunity to pre- order and have their flowers delivered to their address on March 24th. Businesses and individuals can also sponsor the purchase of daffodils to be delivered to area senior ‘shut-ins’. Daffodils will be selling for $4.00/bunch (10 stems per bunch).

“A few years ago we added several new options to expand the scope of the sale” says Rita Becker, Dinosaur Hill spokesperson. “We wanted to give members of the community more choices ~ more opportunities to purchase daffodils for themselves and others, as well as a way to show this community’s senor citizens how much we respect and appreciate them. Our partnership with the OPC Meals on Wheels program has been particularly successful with over 200 bunches of daffodils delivered to local homebound seniors last year, courtesy of the residents and merchants of the greater Rochester area. We hope to continue to expand this feature of the sale in 2011!”

“Daffy-options” for 2011:
Pre-order for yourself: Contact Dinosaur Hill before March 20th and pick up your blooms at the nature center on March 23rd, 24th, or 25th.

Pre-order as a gift for someone else and let us deliver for you: Send daffodils to someone you appreciate (staff at your doctor’s office, secretaries in your office, staff at your child’s school, etc). For a minimum order of 8 bunches ($32.00) Dinosaur Hill will deliver flowers to any location in the 48307, 306, 309 or 326 zip code area. Deliveries will take place on March 24th.

Bring a smile to the face of a local senior citizen: Dinosaur Hill is again partnering with the Rochester OPC to deliver bunches of daffodils to local seniors served by the Meals On Wheels program. For every $4.00 you donate, Dinosaur Hill will provide one bunch of daffodils to be delivered to a participant in the program. Meals On Wheels daffodils will be delivered on March 24th, and/or 25th.

All orders must be received by March 20th!

For more information or to place an order, call the nature center at (248) 656-0999, e- mail at: daffodils@dinosaurhill.org, or check on-line at daffodils.dinosaurhill.org

The following generous sponsors are helping to underwrite the cost of the daffodils: Neil King, Physical Therapy Inc, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center, Eugenia’s Third Street Hair Gallery, French Associates, E-MAN TEAM

“Daffodils for Dinosaurs is our biggest fundraiser of the year”, says Becker. Proceeds from this event will benefit the preserve, which is located in the City of Rochester. Dinosaur Hill is a nonprofit organization that has been “in the business” of providing quality environmental education programs for school children, adults and families for over 35 years.

Dinosaur Hill Website

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