Register with the Detroit College Promise scholarship today for your college scholarship!

“Register with the Detroit College Promise scholarship today for your college scholarship.  For new students who register, we plan to award up to $10,000 over 4 years towards tuition at any Michigan public college or university.
For the class of 2011, we awarded up to $500 for one year, and we are raising money to increase the award.  The Detroit College Promise is a nonprofit program for Detroit Public School students based on the Kalamazoo Promise.  The scholarship requirements are simple: register by December 1 of 9th grade, live in Detroit, enroll in a DPS school and complete the simple paperwork on time.  That’s it!
Join the 17,000+ students who have registered by visiting and clicking on the “Student Login” button, or by visiting
and filling in the form.  It only takes 2 minutes.
We are now starting our fourth year of providing scholarships, and we want you to get your scholarship.  This is only for DPS students, and you have to meet all of the conditions of the scholarship.
Visit our website for more details or call us at 248/646-3269.”
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