“Detroit Gastronomy: A Taste of Tradition” watch trailer video

“Keith Famie, a local award-winning producer, director, and chef, is spearheading a new documentary that delves into the rich culinary heritage of metro Detroit. Titled ‘Detroit: The City of Chefs,’ the film aims to spotlight the city’s master chefs, restaurants, and the vibrant hospitality industry, highlighting their significance akin to the automobile in shaping Detroit’s narrative. Serving as executive producers alongside Famie are Tony and Mary Schimizzi, with Detroit Public TV backing the project.”

Narrated by Chuck Gaidica, formerly of WDIV-TV (Channel 4), the documentary’s trailer offers glimpses into the culinary personas shaping Detroit’s gastronomic landscape, including Joe Muer, Cihelka, Joe Vicari of the Joe Vicari Restaurant Group, which oversees Andiamo Italian eateries and Joe Muer Seafood. Notable figures like Brian Polcyn, Mary Brady, Luciano DelSignore, and Shawn Loving are also featured, showcasing their contributions to Detroit’s culinary scene. Beyond celebrating culinary excellence, ‘Detroit: The City of Chefs’ promises to explore the charitable endeavors, community support, and leadership roles undertaken by chefs, restaurants, and front-of-the-house maitre’d, underscoring their integral role in the city’s cultural fabric.

The film, Famie says, “will step back in time.

Detroit: The City of Chefs Trailer 1 from Visionalist Entertainment Prod on Vimeo.

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