Celebration of Detroit

Detroit youth to perform with
nationally acclaimed artists 

Wounded by unemployment, foreclosures, crime and political corruption, the City of Detroit continues to find healing in an ageless remedy – its music.
Gone are the days of Paradise Valley, Black Bottom and Motown, but their spirits re-emerge stronger than ever in LM Productions’ musical tribute, “A Celebration of Detroit” taking place Thursday, December 15 and Friday, December 16 at 8 p.m. in the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

Back by popular demand, “A Celebration of Detroit” brings together a new cast of talented youth with professional dancers, singers and musicians and takes the audience on a soul-stirring journey back to the city’s musical past and up to the present.

Last year’s tribute received rave reviews from critics and a sold out audience. This year promises to bring even more excitement, as famed Producer and Choreographer Lisa McCall’s visions come to life on stage.

“Detroit has a rich history in music, theatre and art that must be appreciated and celebrated,” says McCall, a native Detroiter who danced on Broadway for over 20 years and is one of the most sought after choreographers that still represents Detroit. “When I visited the African American museum, I saw a lot of my mentors on their Wall of Fame. It inspired me to salute Detroit artists. Our artists need professional outlets and arenas to showcase their talents.”

“A Celebration of Detroit” gives professional artists along with students from Consortium High School’s dance department that outlet.

“There’s a tremendous amount of talent in Detroit that people may underestimate,” says Marcus White, assistant choreographer. “Performers here have a very strong work ethic and diversity. The show is awesome with a great cast, great venue and a great producer. Why wouldn’t one want to come out and support this production?”

For 16-year-old William Collier, the answer is obvious.
“I can’t wait, until the actual show. People should come out, because it’s a phenomenal show,” says William, who has been dancing for three years. “Ms. McCall is a great choreographer who doesn’t get enough credit. She’s a second mom to me who helped me to discover my true passion.”

That passion will be displayed in the Broadway-like production featuring internationally and nationally known musicians, vocalists and dancers that include Greg Dokes (musical director for the Temptations), Gwen Foxx (vocal director and background singer for Mary J Blige and the Clark Sisters), Charnissa Butts (Angela Dunlap’s “Deranged”, “Church Girls” and “Unequally Yoked”, Angela Blocker (“Church Girls”, “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys” and “Sparkle” remake), Otis Davis (background vocalist for Shirley Ceasar, Pattie LaBelle, Karen Clark Sheard) and others.

“This is a statement to Detroit that tells a story from way back then until now,” adds Blocker. “A trail was left for Detroit artists that is not only entertaining but educational. It’s important for people to bring their family out to support A Celebration of Detroit and to keep dance and music in the city.”

For ticket information, call (248) 573-9243.

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