Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival – Buried Prayers

Matt Mazer is an international entrepreneur whose involvement in different industries has allowed him to forge relationships that are not just financially successful but also emotionally and intellectually uplifting for many.  Mr. Mazer is the award-winning film writer and producer of the documentary “Buried Prayers” for which he is being honored on Saturday, April 21st, at the opening night of the 14th Annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival.  The film follows the return of some of the few survivors of the Majdanek concentration camp to find buried personal items hidden from the Nazi’s over 60 years ago.   If you would like to attend either of the two events or speak with Mr. Mazer please let me know.

This film is intense yet reaffirming.  It received the Cinequest Film Festival 2010 Best Documentary Award:

  • Saturday, April 21st, 7pm – Mr. Mazer will talk about the three year process of making this film with Majdanek concentration camp survivors and researchers from Australia, the United States, Germany, Israel, Italy and England during at least 16 trips to Poland. After over 60 years, more than 80 personal items buried by those locked in the camp were discovered- the largest recovery of valuables from any Nazi death camp. Location: Jewish Community Center , West Bloomfield
  • Sunday, April 22, 2012, 8pm – “Buried Prayers,” will be shown after which Mazer, who is president of Historical Media which produces, and promotes historically focused documentaries, will take questions from the audience. Location: Berman Center for the Performing Arts

“Buried Prayers” begins in 1943, when a handful of Jews who survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising were taken to Majdanek concentration camp. There, they decide to hide the few, small items they still have, rather than let these fall into the hands of the Nazis. So they bury the photos, the coins and the jewelry six inches in the earth, where they lay hidden for decades, untouched. But not forgotten. Eventually, more than 80 items are found – the largest recovery of valuables from any Nazi death camp.

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