Furniture and Fellowship in Downtown Rochester

As I was walking down Main Street in Downtown Rochester, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this stack of wood signs with their faith filled messages in a front window. With my iphone in hand, I stepped into the Home Furniture Shop. I snapped this picture and went it further to checkout this downtown store.

It is an impressive collection of beautiful furniture and some other items. There’s a nice selection wood toy items in the back of all American-made fun “no tech” toys for infants and children. I continued to notice more faith focused signs like those in the window. As I visited with the owners, I found they were also “faith focused” and we had some good fellowship. I recommend you stop in sometime and checkout the lovely furniture. As you walk out of the store, you might want to turn right and enjoy a little Detroit history by eating some ice cream at Sanders a few doors down.

Home Furniture Website

434 South Main in Downtown Rochester, Michigan

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