Hummingbirds in Metro Detroit and Beyond

Someone just sent me a video link and then my wife sent a link to still pictures of hummingbirds that I want to share with the LookUpDetroit audience.

How do I tie this in to Metro Detroit?

I’m sure there are plenty of hummingbirds in the metro Detroit area, but they’re often too fast to get a good look at.

At the Detroit Institute of Arts (D I A) there’s a wonderful view in a painting titled Hummingbirds and Orchids which was painted in the 1800’s.

Advance a couple centuries to our “digital age” and enjoy some new views by video and still photos.  You’ll be amazed ! ! !  If you get down to the D I A there are also many views to amaze, both old and new.

Hummingbird Video


Hummingbird Digital Stills

Link to D I A

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