Inside|Out Mackinac Island

Welcome to Inside|Out on Mackinac Island(opens in a new tab)! Experience the magic of art in unexpected places as we transform this historic island into an outdoor gallery. Brought to you by the Detroit Institute of Arts, Inside|Out has been turning Metro Detroit into a giant, outdoor gallery every year from May to October since 2010. Now, we’re bringing this exciting initiative to Mackinac Island, showcasing high-quality reproductions from the museum’s art collection in the streets, parks, and public spaces.

Immerse yourself in art as you stroll through the charming streets of Mackinac Island, where each corner reveals a new masterpiece. Inside|Out makes art easy and fun to explore, right where people live, work, and play. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with art in a friendly, accessible way, showing that art is for everyone and everywhere.

Need a walking map? Check out our Inside|Out Mackinac Google Maps!(opens in a new tab)

Join us in celebrating the beauty and history of Mackinac Island through the lens of art. Inside|Out on Mackinac Island is more than just an exhibition; it’s a testament to our mission of bringing art out into the community and making it a shared experience that brings us all closer together.

Come discover art in a new light on Mackinac Island and learn more about the program here!

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