Local Author Robert Lytle “Types Again” – Danny Dumpster

When famous writer, Barrymore Templeton, lands his yacht at the Vero Beach
public marina he watches a shabbily-dressed, 12-year-old boy perform daring tasks
for the local boaters. Intrigued by the lad’s nerve and enterprise he hopes he has
found the protagonist for his next book. He visits the boy with the unlikely surname
of Dumpster and tags along as the lad reveals his extensive local knowledge and
many useful skills. Soon, the author’s dog goes missing and he asks Danny for help.

Soon, Mr. Templeton meets Danny’s twenty-something mentor, Richard, who,
as an infant, was lost overboard when his aristocratic parent’s yacht is struck by a
cyclone in the English Channel. Miraculously, he is rescued by a band of traveling
gypsies, and after years of sailing the world, Richard becomes shipwrecked and
orphaned on Vero Beach. There he finds Danny, also an orphan, and offers him
shelter aboard his sailboat. The two form a partnership, which results in Danny
becoming adept at many useful trades and services in the harbor.

The author also learns the villain’s family history. Klemp Riddly is a modern-
day product of Oliver Cromwell’s 17th century raids on Ireland when Irish prisoners
were sent to the tropics and lived for generations as slaves on sugar plantations.
After a youth of frustration in his Caribbean homeland, Klemp strikes out with his
cousin and begins a dog-smuggling operation in Key West. A failed attempt there
results in a second try at Vero Beach.

Mr. Templeton learns his wife’s dog is missing and after many scrapes with
Klemp, he asks Danny for help. The two are informed the dog will either be sold
during an auction or entered in a dogfighting event. Danny stumbles onto the illicit
site which leads to a heart-stopping and dramatic conclusion.

Review:  A really interesting, entertaining read. We learned a great deal about Cuba’s history, snd the slave trade that flourished there. We learned a lot about Florida’s backwaters.
The main characters were endearing and well formed. It was a true adventure that was hard to put down. We greatly recommend the book for all ages.

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